Sunday, 10 July 2011


SORRY GUYS for the no posts and no bloggin :( I have been very busy as I came into a period of study leave where I had to revise my shizz for exams AGAIN...

So in that period, I had a time where I was just losing will to do anything until my dad showed me a book called "How to think like a millionaire"

It really got me motivated! It's basically a reply form 2 millionaire authors of their own books joined each other to reply to their letters that they were receiving. And this book just tells you all the motivational speaking and all the ways you can improve for personal gain or your business. It really inspire me :)

I can't show you what it's like since I can't find it on the internet... But I'll give an extract from one of the paragraphs..

One day, a wise man was asked by a disciple what it took to obtain wisdom. The sage led the disciple to a river and plunged his head under water. After a few seconds, his anxious follower began struggling, afraid he was going to drown. But the teacher continued to hold his head underwater. The student struggled even harder. Finally, the wise man let him go just before he would have drowned and asked him, "When your head was underwater, what did you want most?" "To breathe," the frightened boy answer. "Well there you have it. That's exactly how much you must want wisdom."

It tells us how much you must want something to get it by struggling for dear life just to get it. That's how much you have to want to be successful.

So, this post's question, What are your dreams?

Friday, 24 June 2011


Hey guys! Remember that shopping trip I went to last week? Yeah, I went UniQlo and they have some flippin cool stuff man! Like seriously, check these out!

Yeah, those are some clothes I got ^^ pretty cool huh! XD

and BAD NEWS FOR ME! Somehow, my adsense got disabled... HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?! D: Im just really frustrated :(

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Little bit of this and that.

Hey guys!

Alright, remember the eclipse that was sought to be 'red'? yeah, I couldn't even see the moon in the UK last time. I was trying to find it outside, running around the neighbourhood shirtless with shorts =__= still couldn't find it. Damn grey English weather ><


TODAY! I'm gonna be shopping! in London, so if any of you guys are going London today, I'll be in Oxford St and Leicester Square. And the question was...

Any recommended shops around oxford st? (cheap an good quality)

Thanks guys! 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Making money...? or Macaroons ;)

Okey guys, I was wondering, there are those sites where you can make money by completing surveys. Now out of you guys, you think there's any of those sites that are actually effective to make money? I mean they say they do but it takes THOUSANDS of surveys o.o ....

oh anndddd...

Im making macarooooooons :D


They're lovelyyy<3

I got so many exams coming up so sorry if I don't update blog daily, but deffo more than 3 times a week :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ahh, I'm so in love... Omg I sound like a fag?

First of alll... The video from the post before was for someone I love and she is not my girlfriend... yet... hahaa but thank you for all your nice lovely comments :)

I just gotta blog this man, I mean this must be epic!... One day, I was chillin with my friend in his house and then he just dared me to go to the girl I love (yeah, the one I made a video for) and sing to her in her doorstep. So, being the stubborn fearless bastard I am, I accepted his challenge >:D and so off we went to her house with my guitar... I called her and told her to come outside. When she opened the door, I said hi (LOL) and put one foot on the step for my guitar to rest and sang her a song. The song was "Isn't she lovely"... YES I know that song is about a baby but she told me she loved that song so, yeah :) AND stupidly, my friend hid behind her car and RECORDED everything HAHAHA man but she saw my friend's knee and got paranoid but at the end, she loved it :)

and to be more romantic, I just hugged her and went off.

She called me after saying thank yous and that she was speechless and she loved it.

I can't believe I did that. lol.

ALRIGHT GUYS! I don't mean to be cheesy love dovey but this post's question iss....

What was the most romantic thing you've done or what was the most romantic thing anyone has done?

Oh, and download link to the song I sang in 320kbps (High Quality ;) )

see ya guys!! ♥

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


HEY GUYS! Long time no blog! Man, so sorry for not blogging much :/      BUT!!!!! I've got you all something to make up for it :)

This, guys, is what I made for the girl I love :)

Made it in a week, so yeah, it isn't much... enjoy~
Song: 1,2,3,4 - Plain White T's

Download the song, support me! High Quality :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Sharing is Caring

Thought I'd might like to share a song with you guys. The video really made me teary.... Such nice visuals and so sad :')

Enjoy! :)

320kbps download link for the song