Monday, 21 February 2011

*hiss* The lighttt!!!

So I've been staying in my room for 3 consecutive days now, getting out of it for the toilet or eating haha. This half term hasn't been so good, I mean all I did was sit in front of the computer waiting for followers and page views >.<

Then I was thinking to the good ol' days when I used o watch anime! But now I don't know what to watch since I've just had an anime rehab in the past year haha.

Any suggestions on what anime to watch? I'll post my critic for it ;D

Thanks :)

Thinking of anime, which leads me to this beautiful wallpaper I found!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

My father... a blogger?!

Alright guys, so today I woke up at 1pm >.< Twas a nice sleep from 7am. Did an all nigter... Woke up to have pasta for lunch (yum). Walking around the house, looking at what my cat's been up to. And then I stumbled upon my dad's laptop and opened it. I saw his multiple blogs... LOL yeah, he is also a blogger!! Quite a pro one too hehehe... but in a different language -___- so it was quite weird. I also asked him for advice.. ''Always keep writing. Anything interesting, write it down''

Which reminds me!

I thought this was rather hilarious ahahaha, we can safely say.. HAHAHALLELUJAH :DD

So,my dad wites blogs. What is your father's job?

Saturday, 19 February 2011


GAH, my mudda just made me so angry >.<

I was called out to carry her shopping even though she was a couple of metres away from home WHILE I WAS BLOGGING!

Okeyy, 25 push ups *sigh*...

Hahaha, such a small thing >.< am I scary?

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Do you have twitter? and what do you do when you're angry?


Okey, so the half term started with a SH*TTY gloomy weather >.>

Didn't go anywhere, stuck in the depths of my room >.>

But made a twitter account! Follow @Zakachuu

Also made a tumblr, but kinda failed >.<

And here's a little something I wrote today outta boredom

Little Steps

The world is vast. bitter. cold.

I’m standing at the bottom, where clear skies doesn’t exist.

The view is distorted with injustice… lies… truth…

Take a deep breath, hope for the best,

As I take my first little steps

In this pitch black world.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Half Term~

Half Term holiday AT LAST!

Looking forward to spend some time with friends, 'cept for whom I have to bid farewell to as he is taken by Cornwall for a week -.-''

This was a piece of literature I wrote in English today, comment below if you like or top this kekeke, enjooy ^^

Breathing, Heavy,
Palms are sweating,
Blood flow rushing,
Mind, unsteady,
Vision unclear,
Emotions, empty,
Memories had left me,
Flowing of fear,
Running was useless when I knew what the outcome would be, but my body reacted on its own.
And then a sigh of relief after it stopped...
But it hadn’t given up, no, it kept on chasing... and chasing... and chasing.
Finally, it got me. Its claws squeezed around me. Its breath smothered all over me. Its eyes scanning fear inside me whilst piercing through me.
This is my time, the day I’ll die.
I shivered, I shook, emotionlessly
My heart stopped, flat out.
I woke up to the sunshine,
Seeping through the curtains
And her pure face shining back at me,
Next to me,
Sleeping on my shoulder.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Yoo, I'm Zaka ^^



Anger problems ...        Argh, not going good so far...-.-''

Ummm.. I like to sing?

Find out more about me from my future post :)

Darn, is 23:06 here, better get to sleep...

Oh haiithar :)

Haii guys! My name's Zaka and I'll just be posting about general things from now and then about my life and what's in it :) Stay choooooneeddd!

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