Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ahh, I'm so in love... Omg I sound like a fag?

First of alll... The video from the post before was for someone I love and she is not my girlfriend... yet... hahaa but thank you for all your nice lovely comments :)

I just gotta blog this man, I mean this must be epic!... One day, I was chillin with my friend in his house and then he just dared me to go to the girl I love (yeah, the one I made a video for) and sing to her in her doorstep. So, being the stubborn fearless bastard I am, I accepted his challenge >:D and so off we went to her house with my guitar... I called her and told her to come outside. When she opened the door, I said hi (LOL) and put one foot on the step for my guitar to rest and sang her a song. The song was "Isn't she lovely"... YES I know that song is about a baby but she told me she loved that song so, yeah :) AND stupidly, my friend hid behind her car and RECORDED everything HAHAHA man but she saw my friend's knee and got paranoid but at the end, she loved it :)

and to be more romantic, I just hugged her and went off.

She called me after saying thank yous and that she was speechless and she loved it.

I can't believe I did that. lol.

ALRIGHT GUYS! I don't mean to be cheesy love dovey but this post's question iss....

What was the most romantic thing you've done or what was the most romantic thing anyone has done?

Oh, and download link to the song I sang in 320kbps (High Quality ;) )

see ya guys!! ♥


  1. Great to see somebody in love! Going to follow, check out my blog.

  2. Watch out with the love. I'm going to write on this subject soon. But, as long as you don't become needy towards her, you should be good. I'm glad that you had the ballz to do that! :D

  3. I've never done anything that romantic.

  4. Defo a fag.

    Nah only joking, good for you man

  5. Most romantic thing I've done? Well, I did go down to Venice when my girlfriend was there on vacation. We had a really good time there.

  6. Most romantic thing I ever did was spend hundreds of dollars trying to win a raffle so my girlfriend at the time could meet Justin Timberlake. I didn't win.

  7. I'm terrible with love so all I can say is good luck =P

    Very romantic of you, singing a song that is

  8. That's awesome man, wish i had your bravery.

  9. Good for you man. Good luck with it.

  10. I fear that all romantic memories I have, have turned to painful clogs in the arteries of my broken heart, which make me weep uncontrollably just at the thought of remembering them.