Saturday, 19 February 2011


Okey, so the half term started with a SH*TTY gloomy weather >.>

Didn't go anywhere, stuck in the depths of my room >.>

But made a twitter account! Follow @Zakachuu

Also made a tumblr, but kinda failed >.<

And here's a little something I wrote today outta boredom

Little Steps

The world is vast. bitter. cold.

I’m standing at the bottom, where clear skies doesn’t exist.

The view is distorted with injustice… lies… truth…

Take a deep breath, hope for the best,

As I take my first little steps

In this pitch black world.


  1. the good thing about shitty weather is that it always clears up... (it comes back too, but it still clears up)

  2. Hahaha, yeah you're right! Just checked the weather, tomorrow's sunny!! ^^